Albion Football Club is aware of comments made overnight on the Facebook page of our club

The club acknowledge the seriousness of the comments, which were of a racial nature. Following a
full investigation today, the committee of the Albion Football Club have come to the decision that
our current President be permanently stood down. The Western Region Football League has been
consulted as part of this process, and is fully supportive of the committee.

As a proud, inclusive, multicultural community hub, Albion Football Club denounces racism of any
kind, and has been a tireless community leader in the promotion of fun, safe environments for
people of all backgrounds. The comments made in no way reflect the position of the as one of
inclusion and diversity.

Albion Football Club prides itself on welcoming with open arms anyone with a desire to play our
great game, and this fundamental principle will continue to be at the heart of everything we do.

The Club has no further comment at this time.