As the 2016 season has drawn to a close, the 2017 recruiting season has begun, Our first new signing is Jono O'Brien.

Jono played with the cats in 2013, 14 and 15 before heading back to his old club Melton Centrals! O'Brien is a very athletic player, dominatly playing in the ruck but also being able to play back and forward! Jono was a standout player with Melton this season before suffering a lower leg injury!

Jono is going to add some much needed height to the Cats! At his time with the cats he played 48 games and kicking 21 goals being named in the best 28 times, this just proves O'Briens dominance in the middle of the ground!

When asked how Jono felt about coming back to the Cats his reply was simple "Its great to be back! I cant wait to get started"

New Signing Jono O'Brien. Photo By Cody Bench