With a below standard start to the year, we headed down to take on a very good outfit in Altona, It was a game that we needed to win.
The first quarter we started strongly, dominating possession thanks to Johnathan O’Brien winning ruck taps and giving our on-ballers Josh Bench, Mitch Wilson and Chris O’Keefe first opportunity going forward, Paul Milosev kicked our first of the game that looked like it was going to be a hard battle, Todd Finco was good as usual kicking one on the Quarter Time siren. We trailed 15 to 19 at the first break.
Second quarter seen us going against the wind, but we stood up when we needed to! Not scoring but only restricting 2 goals, Chris Halliwell and Justin Grimes played well, with the run of Half Backers Martin Dufty and Kym Taylor moving the ball forward. We trailed by 24 points at the main break

The boys listening to Captain Josh Bench before the ga,e.
Photo- Cody Bench Photography
​​​Onto the third term and back with the breeze, Enter Todd Finco, with his forward 50 pressure and run down tackles inside the 50 resulted in him kicking 2 goals, Altona held onto there lead kicking another couple which had them 17 points up and the last break.
The final term wasn’t going to be easy, against the wind and trailing by 17 points, but Chris O’Keefe made sure the boys believed in themselves! 2 minutes into the quarter Sean Moyle snapped a goal, no surprise when Toddy Finco ran down his opponent in the 50 and kicked his 4th for the day it was a truly dominant performance, at this stage we were coming and not stopping, Jacob Green’s hospital kick to Josh Bench resulted in another goal and put us 1 point in front, Altona weren’t going away though, It took us another goal to Paul Milosev with 30 seconds to go sealed it for us!
What a game it was! We Will Be Back In A Couple Weeks To Take On Wyndhamvale!
Goal Kickers- Finco 4, Milosev 2, Bench, Moyle
Best Players- Finco, Dufty, O'Brien, Wilson, Grimes, Bench